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  • You do not have to be home at the time of the appointment, but we do expect payment within 24 hours of service being completed.

  • We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) at no additional cost unless the price is above $1,000. Credit cards are processed over the phone. The office can provide any receipts or invoices.

  • Please specify all work you would like completed. Just because something is attached to another item does NOT mean it will be included. For example, if you ask for your house to be washed, that does not include concrete, decks, walls, etc. If it is not specified, it will not be done.

  • The exterior water needs to be on for us to provide service; we do use your water.

  • If Applicable: We need all gate codes prior to our appointment or our company/tech's name to be listed at the gate.

  • We are NOT responsible if your window and/or door seals are old and do not seal properly.

  • Please remove all items from any patios, decks, or the house that cannot get wet.

  • Please move as many furniture items off the patio or decks. We are happy to help move heavy items, but we are not responsible if anything happens while moving. Please move what you can prior to our appointment.